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Honesty, the market changes, honesty is always the same ...


  Shandong Xianhe Automobile Steering Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 with a floor area over 6000 square meters. The main products are the column type and the recirculating ball type ( the national patent products) electric power steering.
The company owns independent ability of research and development, owns production lines of parts processing, controller producing and whole-set assembling, has the comprehensive performance and environmental simulation laboratory, and has the ability of product tracking design and vehicle conversion.
The XHD1 type electric power steering column assembly of the company is suitable for light and mini cars, electric vehicles, etc; while the XHD2 recirculating ball type electric power steering assembly is suitable for all kinds of ......



Working principle of automobile steering system
Working principle of automobile steering system
When turning the steering wheel of the car, the wheels will turn. In order to make the wheel steering, the steering wheel and the tires have a lot of complex movement. The working principle

What is the role of the car's steering gear

Cycle ball electric steering gear was awarded the ...


Contact: Zhao Jingli



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